Cardiovascular Genetics


Getting to the heart of genomic testing.

Comprehensive cardiovascular genomic testing provides insight into a patient’s risk of thrombosis and prothrombin deficiency. This information allows prescribing physicians to select the best course of treatment by understanding an individual patient’s tolerance and thus their specific therapeutic value of commonly used cardiovascular drugs.  With this information, physicians can tailor therapy and minimize the risk of a catastrophic cardiovascular event.

Our Pinpoint™ Cardio Panel consists of diagnostic assays that evaluate metabolic risk for clopidogrel, warfarin, and beta blockers as well as the patient’s risk for venous thrombosis.

Pinpoint Assays

CYP450 2C19

Clopidogrel Resistance

CYP450 2D6

Beta Blocker Metabolism


Warfarin Sensitvity

Factor II

Prothrombin Levels

Factor V Leiden

Inherited Thrombophilia