Our Commitment

American Genomics.

Your Partner for Personalized Medicine. American Genomics offers expert CLIA-certified genetic testing laboratory services.  We are committed to the science of personalized medicine, to the patients who benefit from it, to the physicians whom we support, and to compliance with the latest regulations and highest industry standards.


Our Commitment to:

American Genomics is dedicated to helping healthcare providers successfully deliver the promise of personalized medicine to patients nationwide. Our goal is to offer best-in-class genetic testing and reporting services that reliably pinpoint the most clinically relevant information for informing diagnosis, identifying health risks, and optimizing therapy. In pursuing our mission, our team of experts utilizes a responsible, current, and informed approach to the latest science that is both grounded in the realities of clinical practice and committed to meeting patient needs. We believe that this allows us to work closely with our partners to ensure that they not only remain current with the latest developments in research, but that they also have access to the educational and testing resources they need to seamlessly translate those findings to the clinic.

We believe that the needs of the patient always come first.  That is why we as a company are such passionate advocates of personalized medicine and the benefits it can bring to improved health and quality of care.  We understand however that science alone cannot facilitate good health, and that in fact, a supportive patient-provider relationship can be a critical component to taking charge of your health.  Because of this, we constantly challenge ourselves to think of new ways we can creatively and consistently provide the highest level of support to American Genomics’ patients. This way of thinking has resulted in our commitment to helping patients understand their results as easily as possible, by offering clear explanation of and access to results; to understand the billing and back-end in a transparent and hassle-free manner, to minimize the impact of our services on the patient; and to understand their rights to and privacy of their genetic data, with the goal of building trust, which is the foundation of any successful healthcare relationship.  We are available to discuss the needs of our patients and how we can improve our services to better meet their needs.

At American Genomics, we partner with our physician clients to help them realize the potential of personalized medicine in daily clinical care.  We are physicians, genetic counselors, laboratory technicians, scientific researchers and customer representatives - helping physicians help their patients with the latest discoveries in genetic research.  We seek to be the best, most reliable, and most informed resource available to physicians who share our commitment to improving patient outcomes through the use of personalized medicine.

Our commitment to compliance is defined first and foremost by our commitment to protecting our clients. We work to ensure that your trust in us is well-earned by following the highest standards of professional conduct at all times and at all levels of our organization. Our state-of-the-art laboratories are constructed and managed to the latest standards to ensure consistently reliable test results and efficient service. Likewise, our information systems are designed from the ground up to ensure HIPAA compliance, patient privacy and the security of genetic data. At no time will we engage in any behavior that compromises the integrity of our services, or places any of our clients or their data at risk. We will never waiver from this fundamental belief in following the most rigorous standards of compliance within our industry.