Why Test?

quoteEvery patient is unique – their care should be too.

The right drug, at the right dose, for the right patient… instead of one-size fits all prescribing.

Francis Collins, MD, Director, National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Which drugs can my patients best metabolize?

Since many patients react to medication differently, state of the art laboratory testing of each patient’s genetic profile can enable the clinician to tailor the prescribed therapy to each patient by revealing genetic markers associated with medication response rates.

How can I use and manage this genetic information?

Partnering with a specialized genomic testing laboratory allows clinicians to seamlessly integrate a personalized approach to care into their daily practice.  We offer an advanced online platform for reviewing test results and the most current genetic advice, so clinicians have easy access to the latest information.

What results can I expect from genetic information?

With simple genotyping and viable drug alternatives available, clinicians can now effectively guide therapy in patients according to their individual gene variants. The result is optimized therapy, more informed diagnosis, and the potential to prevent significant adverse events in medication non-responders.